What We Can Do

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Weddings, bris, Bar/Bat Mitzvah or Sheva Brachos?  Uf Rufs? Let our Sweet and Good Catering & Events division make it an event to remember – our attention to detail and our plating will add to your simcha.

Contact us for a personal meeting or initial phone inquiry.

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Learning to cook can be fun and rewarding, and the hardest part is deciding to do it! We can teach you one-on-one or with a group of friends. Chef Bracha Shor has a fun loving approach, that recognizes everyone can make beautiful and delicious meals.  She will help you be more effective and confident in the kitchen while having a good time learning.  Chef Bracha knows that learning is FUN (and when learning about food it can be delicious)!  Each class will be focused on the level that the student is at.

All lessons are interactive and students are encouraged to participate.

Private Classes

  • $100 per hour (2 hour minimum)

Group Classes

  • $50 per person (6 person minimum)
  • 2-3 hour lesson plus time to enjoy & discuss finished product

All groceries for the class are included in the pricing.

Private Classes will be given in your home with your equipment so you can adapt your new skills to your own environment.

Group Classes are a great way to acquire new skills, spend time with your friends and enjoy great food. The group lesson will be conducted in one of the students’ homes and will be a combination of demonstration and hands-on activity. Each student will be able to participate, ask questions throughout the entire lesson and sample the group’s creation at the end of the lesson.  All groceries are provided for the lesson. Be prepared to learn and EAT! Group lessons can range from 6 to 8 people. Larger parties will be taught in a “demonstration only” style lesson.

Demonstrations are great for larger parties or for those that are interested in simply watching and sampling the creations.  Some demonstrations can be arranged so some or all of the participants can partake in hands-on activity. There are numerous options and Chef Bracha is happy to meet your specific needs – or discuss with you all the options that can be used.  For kids’ parties – there could be cake decorating or cupcake decorating, for adults, it could be an ethnic food, a specific technique (flambe and fondue are big favorites), or many other options.

Gift & Class Ideas:

  • Private Lessons for the “New Bride”
  • “Learning the Basics” for your teen heading off to school
  • “Basics to a Gourmet Meal” for your “foodie” friend
  • “Cooking Light” a group lesson for you and your friends with a new weight goal
  • “Classic Techniques Series” group lessons for friends that love monthly get-togethers
  • “Romantic Dinner for Two” for the newlyweds or anyone who would like a date night in your life

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Sweet and Good Catering meal service includes initial consultation, custom menu planning, shopping for the best ingredients, preparation of all meals, packaging meals based on family need, storage in your refrigerator or freezer. To ensure you always have the control to enjoy your favorites, groceries are in addition to the cost of service. All basic pantry items (flour, sugar, olive oil) dried herbs and spices are included in the service.

The following is a list of standard service packages. If you don’t see a plan that works for you, please contact me to discuss additional options. We take pride in being flexible.

Weekly Service for 4

  • Five Entrees (4 servings each)
  • Appropriate Side Dishes
  • 20 Meals total – $350 plus groceries

Weekly Service for 2

  • Five Entrees (2 servings each)
  • Appropriate Side Dishes
  • 10 Meals total – $300 plus groceries

Bi-Monthly Service for 4

  • Five Entrees (8 servings each)
  • Appropriate Side Dishes
  • Packaged separately for each week
  • 40 Meals total – $400 plus groceries

Bi-Monthly Service for 2

  • Five Entrees (4 servings each)
  • Appropriate Side Dishes
  • Packaged separately for each week
  • 20 Meals total – $350 plus groceries


  • Three Entrees (4 servings each)
  • Appropriate Side Dishes
  • Packaged for 2 or 4
  • 12 Meals total – $275 plus groceries

Entrée only, light meals and lunch services are also available.

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Looking for a delectably delicious bon bon? Look no further, you have found many pareve options here, all made fresh and are fantastic. Candied Ginger, Pistachio, Peanut Butter, Chocolate Truffle, Chocolate with Almonds, Praline, Coconut, Coconut with Almond, Mint, White Chocolate, Mexican Spice, as well as more.

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Are you looking for an exciting and new event to spend time with your friends? Do you have a group of friends that meet monthly? Think about making the evening fun, entertaining and educational!  Bring in Chef Bracha to teach you how to prepare a gourmet feast – it can be hands on, or you and your friends can watch Chef Bracha make the food.

Dinner parties are great fun and can provide you and your friends with a fantastic evening.  Let us come in and help you decide on a menu – it can range from an elegant five course meal with wine pairing to a casual family style dinner, to a theme night – Carribean, Mexican, Thai to name a few. Pricing is based on menu selection, number of guests and style of service (formal plated meals to causal buffet style). Please contact us for various options.

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Wine Tasting parties are a great way to gather friends, taste great wine and learn from an expert.  Pricing includes wine, educating discussion with a wine expert and specific food pairings.

Tasting of four wines paired with cheeses

  • $35 per person (6 person minimum)

Tasting of four wines with hors d’oeuvre pairings

  • $50 per person (6 person minimum)

Tasting of four wines with small plate pairings

  • $75 per person (6 person minimum)

Wine Tasting Dinner Parties are also available. We will discuss each course and the motivation for each wine pairing.  It’s a great way to enjoy amazing food, wine and obtain knowledge.


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Looking to have a Kosher boxed lunches? Packaged and delivered to your place of business!

With fruit, drink, sandwich and a side dish, with a cookie deserts – there is a minimum of 5 lunches to order.

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Looking for a unique, stunningly beautiful and delicious Shaloch Manos? You have come to the right place. we can custom make your order for you friends, or you can pick from some of the pre-made basket packages.