Shalom, welcome back. In this parshah Ya’akov Aveinu (Jacob) passes away at the age of one hundred forty-seven. There is a concept in Torah called ma’aseh avot siman banim (the actions of the fathers is a sign for the children). Meaning whatever Avraham (Abraham), Yitzhak (Isaac) and Ya’akov did, is repeated in Jewish History.

So how is it that Ya’akov, also known as Yisrael (Israel) can die? Hashem refers to the Jewish people as an “eternal nation”, we will never disappear as a nation. So what does it mean that the man, whose 12 sons became the 12 tribes; died in Egypt and was buried in ma’arah machpeilah in Hevron in Eretz Yisrael?

We look forward into hearing your insight and ideas. Think about it, study the parshah, read the commentaries, ask a Rabbi. Please lend your own sweet and good Torah.

Shavuot Tov, have a great week!

12th Teves, 5771

Laivi Shor

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