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I can not rave enough about Sweet and Good Catering! I had to so much to do and so little time to prepare for our daughters Kiddush. Bracha Shor came to our rescue! She came to my house for a private consultation to come up with the perfect menu and worked perfectly within our budget.  She stayed enthusiastic, encouraging, punctual, and reliable. She reassured me that everything was taken care of and I could enjoy my simcha to the fullest. (WHICH I DID!)  We had an amazing, beautiful, and relaxing event with our close friends and
family thanks to Sweet and Good Catering.  Thank you for helping with this once in a lifetime event for our daughter and creating the perfect simcha.

Michal K, Kalman Akiva, Eliezer, and Yocheved

The kind of food you want, but didn’t think you could get in Baltimore.
Cathy D.


  1. We ordered hot wings this past week and the boys (8 and 9 yrs) immediately suggested to make this meal a monthly tradition (maybe even a weekly tradition??)! Yum! Thanks so much for an easy and reasonably priced dinner alternative!

  2. Dear Bracha,
    Thanks- dinner was really good. It was tasty, healthy and plentiful.
    Please send me some options for other dinners. Are we on for the wings, sweet potatoes, and broccoli? I;d love another night this week as well. Would your family like to move in with us? Another option- I could turn my kitchen into a den. Let me know.
    Kol tov, Rena

  3. Sweet and Good Catering catered our kiddush for 200 at our son’s aufruf last Shabbos. And this was two weeks after Bracha gave birth! The kiddush was not only delicious, beautiful and creative, I never once had to be involved, other than to help plan a menu and then just show up. It was so wonderful to be able to enjoy celebrating our son’s aufruf and then walk downstairs to see the most incredible display of amazing food, including cholent! If anyone would like a recommendation please ask them to call me. My husband and I were so thrilled.

  4. Love your Thursday night Family Meals!
    We’re having fun trying Global Cuisines.
    Please keep them coming!

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