Leba Dinovitz took some stellar pictures.  She was amazing, as was Tzivi D. – the food stylist…. first picture being the delicious delectable chocolate mousse in a chocolate cup. Our Indian Samosa – (Leba D. Photo) always a fan favorite appetizer. 7 Spiced Seared Tuna -(Leba D. photo)  another fantastic appetizer – normally served with a dot of wasabi cream. Always a good time for sushi (Leba D. photo) One of our signature dishes – the zucchini weave with cous cous inside (although sometimes it’s rice, quinua or stuffing – photo by Leba D).

Ok, until we figure out how to do a Gallery – here are some pictures that were supposed to be in posts, but didn’t get posted.  Our hugely popular zucchini weave – this gives you an idea of what it looks like.  Our basteeya (phyllow dough stuffed with meat, onions, and spices) that we did for the Moroccan special and our hugely popular Chana Masala (an Indian dish we do with chick peas and tomatoes).