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Sweet and Good Torah


Shalom, welcome back.  This week’s parshah is the confrontation between good and evil.  Yakov (Jacob) is the embodiment of emet (truth) and tiferet (beauty or splendor).  He is confronted by his twin brother Eisav, coming with 400 warriors to kill him.  Yakov is returning from exile to Eretz Yisrael (Land of Israel).  He left a […]

Sweet and Good Torah

Parshas Vayeira

Shalom, this is the very first Sweet and Good Torah.  We want to offer some sweet and good words of Torah filled with ruchniyot (spiritual), to go with our delicious food which is the gasmiyut (physical).  It is a great parsha (portion of Torah) for me to begin, because 42 years ago I was born […]