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Indian food and recipes – delicious and good for you!

Health Benefits of Indian food First, besides being fantastically delicious – Indian food is healthy.  In fact, it is so healthy that one of the main spices is an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, fights free radicals, fights infections, has been studied and proven to fight the onset of Alzheimer’s and cancer and more!  What is this super […]


“Challah”ween Special

Sorry for the long absence of specials – we have had some events over the past few weeks.  One of them has been our biggest event to date and we have been doing a couple of bar mitzvahs and a few fundraisers.  Please keep us in mind – we would very much appreciate the opportunity […]


Korean Special, August 10, 2012

First, we have heard from a couple of people who have tasted all of our specials, that last week’s special was the best special so far.  For those who weren’t able to try the Spanish special when next we have it, try it! Please find the special below. We’re also providing Rosendorff challah to those […]


Make your own chocolate syrup

This summer we are having camp Shor!  And as part of the fun activities we do, we do a lot of children friendly recipes (and pre-school crafts – if you know fun ones, let me know).  The following chocolate syrup is easy and delicious.  It’s from the Scharffen Berger’s cookbook (Scharffen Berger is a boutique […]


Dip Special – June 8, 2012

We got the inspiration for this special from a restaurant in Denver that serves 3 “dips” for each entree.  So, for our special – whichever entree you choose you will also get 3 sauces – each main entree will be broiled, roasted, or poached.  We give our recommendations below, however, you can mix and match.    Dipping Sauce Special – $15 […]


Southern Special, January 27, 2012

Hello – thank you to everyone who participated in the Menucha, Inc fundraiser — we sold 17 trays of lemon bars! We are *NOT* doing Super Bowl food this year.  We have events and can’t also do the Super Bowl food.  Sorry for anyone who wanted to order.  If you want to order Super Bowl […]


Japanese Special, January 20, 2011

Hello – I hope everyone is doing well.  We are going to do something fun with our immensely popular lemon bars.  If you order our Lemon Bars this week (a 9×13 tray is $15) the entire $15 will be donated to Menucha, Inc.  A wonderful organization that supports Jewish children with disabilities (www.menuchainc.org). Please find […]


Cajun Special, January 13, 2012

As usual, we will continue having our sushi for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and for Shabbos. You can have raw fish, cooked fish, veggies, tofu, egg or any combination. $6 per roll (Tuna rolls are $8). This week we are making our immensely popular cajun special.  I am typically light on adding the spicy heat – […]

Customer Reviews, Featured

Customer Reviews

Sweet and Good Catering not only catered our wedding, they’ve catered intimate dinner parties in our home as well. Their menu is to die for, a varied and savory mix of ethnic temptations. Every bite is literally saturated with taste, bursting with a new flavor surprise for your palette. The originality and quality of the […]