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Dip Special – June 8, 2012

We got the inspiration for this special from a restaurant in Denver that serves 3 “dips” for each entree.  So, for our special – whichever entree you choose you will also get 3 sauces – each main entree will be broiled, roasted, or poached.  We give our recommendations below, however, you can mix and match.    Dipping Sauce Special – $15 […]


Dip Special, July 29, 2011

We previously had a “dip” special, and for everyone who had tasted it – it became one of the favorite specials of *all time*.  In Denver there is a restaurant that is focused on sauces and serves 3 “dips” for each entree. For whichever protein you choose you will get 3 sauces – each main […]