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Cajun Special, January 13, 2012

As usual, we will continue having our sushi for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and for Shabbos. You can have raw fish, cooked fish, veggies, tofu, egg or any combination. $6 per roll (Tuna rolls are $8). This week we are making our immensely popular cajun special.  I am typically light on adding the spicy heat – […]


Cajun Special

This week (July 8/9th) we will have a Cajun special.  There will be: Appetizer: Jalapeno Popper (a jalapeno pepper stuffed with peanut butter, if  you have never tried this, it is delicious, though different – the peanut butter helps mitigate the heat). You are supposed to eat the whole pepper at once, so that the […]