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New Pictures!

Leba Dinovitz took some stellar pictures.  She was amazing, as was Tzivi D. – the food stylist…. first picture being the delicious delectable chocolate mousse in a chocolate cup. Our Indian Samosa – (Leba D. Photo) always a fan favorite appetizer. 7 Spiced Seared Tuna -(Leba D. photo)  another fantastic appetizer – normally served with […]


Make your own chocolate syrup

This summer we are having camp Shor!  And as part of the fun activities we do, we do a lot of children friendly recipes (and pre-school crafts – if you know fun ones, let me know).  The following chocolate syrup is easy and delicious.  It’s from the Scharffen Berger’s cookbook (Scharffen Berger is a boutique […]

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Customer Reviews

Sweet and Good Catering not only catered our wedding, they’ve catered intimate dinner parties in our home as well. Their menu is to die for, a varied and savory mix of ethnic temptations. Every bite is literally saturated with taste, bursting with a new flavor surprise for your palette. The originality and quality of the […]


Avocado and Apple salad

One way to perfect a dish is to showcase all 5 “tastes” – salty, sweet, sour, bitter, and umami (which refers to a type of fermented taste).  When you use all 5 tastes this sometimes makes for a delicious “symphony” of flavors, but if the dish is out of balance the flavors could quickly turn […]


The best doughnuts Ever

Ok, are they really the best doughnuts ever? I’m not sure, but these are amazing.  I’ve made sufganiyot (doughnuts) for years.  And you know what – I can’t make them.  I don’t know why.  I’ve gotten recipes from lots of doughnut makers – people who have great success making doughnuts (I know, because I’ve eaten […]


Gary, Indiana ?

We took a quick trip to Indiana for the first days of Sukkot to visit our friends from Israel.  It is 645 miles from where we live.  And unfortunately, all the words I know to “Gary, Indiana” are “Gary, Indiana, Gary Indiana, Gary Indiana, My home sweet home.”  And well, after about 10 miles of […]


Jerusalem Artichokes

Are you looking for new and interesting salads – filled with taste and nutrition?  Then consider the Jerusalem Artichoke – neither from Jerusalem nor an artichoke! Despite the misnomer – Jerusalem artichokes (also known as sunchokes) are delicious. They have a nutty, refreshing taste and can be eaten in a variety of ways – raw, […]

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Cyclops or Egg in a hole

Friday we had to make some lunch, and no one knew what they wanted – we tried many options.  However, sometimes we need something special and fun (and preferably easy).  From our trip to the library we got a Children’s quick and easy cookbook – which has lots of recipes of things I used to […]