Sushi Class – February 24, 2011

Hello! We have a number of events this week and now will *not* be having a special.  However, you can still get sushi Thursday and for Shabbos, if you would like.

We have a Sushi/Japanese Cooking Class this week!  It is Thursday night, please email me if you would like additional information.

We’re going to have bamboo mats for everyone to use to roll their own sushi, we’re going to make our own sushi rice, pickle our own ginger, make our own tofu, make flower “designer” sushi as well as the “normal” sushi.  Dragon rolls, inside out rolls, squares, we’ll have a lot of fun things (and we’ll have lots of tips).  Not to mention – the non-sushi food we’re going to have – including fun Onigiri (which are rice cakes), miso soup, gyozo, teriyaki chicken, daikon and cucumber salad among other things….  If you can’t make the class and are interested in your own sushi class – let me know and we could do a class in your own home.  We will (hopefully) have some of the recipes up on the website next week.

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