Adventures in Japanese Kosher Cooking

First, one of our eagle eye readers (Debbie S.) – found a website where there might be kosher kobe beef.  The company is called Stube Ranch, and it says they have some kind of kosher beef.  I’ve left a message and we’ll see.  Perhaps for the next Japanese special we’ll have real Kobe beef!  That would be exciting.

Next, while we were in Israel, all of the Asian products were easily accessible.  Soybean paste (in a variety of colors), a variety of seaweed, everything was easily gotten at the shuk – not to mention all of the spices.  The truth is, we have found mostly everything here as well – except for the soybean paste.  But we know it exists – so next Japanese special we should be able to special order it (it is used for Miso soup).

We found a new Asian market on York Road – a very  nice older Asian gentleman (the owner?) helped me.  He knew which (why’d he know?  I don’t know, I was shocked) of his products were kosher, and in fact, went to the back freezer to get me some things I asked for – where he only had one product that was kosher.  Do a whole bunch of kosher people shop there?  I don’t know.  He was great – he helped me select a wok, and carried the heavy bags to the car.  I was a little nervous about the area – but he has a large parking lot, and it was a pleasure to shop there.  I was also thrilled to see Asian soup spoons – I’ve been wanting to buy them to use them to put appetizers onto.  They make a great “one-bite” course (amuse bouche, anyone?).  So we bought half a dozen to see how they work out.  If the appetizers go well and it looks good on the plate – we’ll get more.

A friend mentioned another Asian market that has a huge selection of produce (the York Road market had a limited fresh produce section).  When I confirm the address on that market (and I actually go there) – I’ll let you know.

I’m excited to roll some of the sushi for this Shabbos special – we’re going to make a Dragon Sushi Roll (with avocado on top).  As well as some inside out rolls and a square roll  that has an intricate design.  Then we’ll make some of the design sushi that we made before (with the flowers).  We have an “ace” photographer coming Thursday night to take pictures – then we’ll post them.

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