Sushi Art

03 Jun 2010 3 comments Bracha Shor Categories Recipes

Have you heard of sushi art?  I saw a book on-line – it’s where you make pictures in the sushi.  I just made one this morning.  Here it is:

Hopefully, it looks like a flower to you.  I got the idea from a book I saw (and I’m going to have to see if the library has it, because my local bookstore doesn’t and I couldn’t find it online).  I am not sure how they made the carrots circular, I’m wondering if there is a carrot corer – like an apple corer.  If so, that would be vastly easier than my first attempt of using a knife to make the boiled carrot circular.  Not such a good plan, or at least not with my knife “skills”.  Then I tried a peeler which worked much better and it made the carrot more uniform and circular-like.  

I’m hoping to make a couple more designs this week, and if so, I will post them as well.