Yom Kippur Pre/Post Seudah

For the YK pre/post seudah you can have Sweet and Good Catering’s World Famous Lasagna.  We got rave reviews from those who ordered it this year.  Perhaps, though, next year, we will figure out a  way that we can have fleishig’s for our own pre-fast meal.  Apparently all dairy all the time is not the way to go for a fast.

Yom Kippur Pre or Post Seuda:

  • Samosas $2 each (Indian pastry filled with potatoes and corn — with onion chutney an additional $2 a person )
  • Chana Masala $20 (Indian Chick Pea and tomato dish)
  • Basmati Rice: $15
  • Lox, Chives and Herbs Light Cream Cheese: $15 for a tub
  • Sweet Pecan Nut Kugel – $20
  • Spinach (and Red Peppers) Cheese Quiche $25 (9 inch circle)
  • Salmon and Onion Quiche $30 (9 inch circle)
  • Enchiladas filled with cheese, rice, beans and peppers $30 (9×13)
  • World Famous Vegetable Lasagna (incl. Spinach, Carrots, Zucchini, Onions) $30 (9×13)
  • Philadelphia Cheese Cake (Chocolate, Lemon, Strawberry, blueberry) $25

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