Week of December 27th

Hello – I hope everyone will have a good 2011!  Due to having a few events this week and next week, we will not be having weekly specials.  We hope to resume the special on January 15th.  We will still be having sushi for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for both weeks.   $6  a roll.

Our virtual cooking group will be doing Sable cookies this time around.  Please check the website for the recipes.  We have a new camera coming (our old camera broke) so soon we’ll be able to put new pictures up.  As always, if you post a comment on the Cooking Group web page you will get a sample of the cooking group food (in this case – cookies).


We also do gift baskets – we’ve had a few orders – so if anyone would like them, let us know. They generally include our truffles, dried fruit and nuts, and then whatever theme.

The Superbowl is coming (I had to look it up – it’s going to be February 6, 2011 for those who might not have known) – we’ll have our buffalo wing “bar” for that (our BBQ, our hot sauce, our red curry sauce and another dip or two). – it’s going to be in Dallas – so we’ll have Cowboy Chili (we have neighbors who are from Dallas, so we’ll have “authentic” recipes), and western style hors d’oeuvres.  We’ll send out a menu later in January.

Take care,

If anyone would like to send me ideas on specials – we would very much like to hear from you, send us an email or post a message on the website.

Please keep us in mind if you are having a dinner party, sheva brachos, vorts, etc during the week – we would very much appreciate the opportunity to put together some delicious food for your special occasions.

Feel free to forward this to a friend; if you have any friends who want to sign up for our email, let me know and we’ll sign them up.

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