Thai Tofu Wednesday and Chinese Special

We will have a Thai tofu special for Wednesday night – for 4-6 people, there’s tofu and vegetables in a peanut thai sauce with rice for $20. Please order the Wednesday special by Tuesday night and the Shabbos special by Wednesday noon, if you know.  We will try to accomodate any orders after that, but no guarantee.  Take care and have a good week.  Thank you so much.
Chinese Shabbos Special (for $15 a portion):

  • Marbled Tea Eggs (these are hard boiled eggs flavored with tea and other spices – and are a very popular appetizer in China)
  • or Vegetable Egg Rolls


  • Fried fish with peanuts (a $4 upgrade)


  • Chinese Chicken soup

Main Course:

  • Sweet and Sour Chicken
  • Szechuan Beef (an $8 upgrade)

Sides (pick 2):

  • Garlic Broccoli
  • Eggplant with ginger and garlic
  • steamed rice


  • Sesame Balls with red bean paste ($3 upgrade)

    For orders over $75 and in the eruv, there is free delivery.  For orders under $75 there is a $5 delivery charge or you can pick up.

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