Shavuos Menu, 2012

22 May 2012 one comment Bracha Shor Categories Menus

Hello! We’re writing articles for BaltimoreJewishLife – we’re going to post a blintz recipe there this week (and you can use the homemade cheese recipe for it, as well).  The homemade cheese article is here:
Here is our Shavuos Menu: please order dairy by Tuesday and Fleischigs by Wednesday.  

  • Gazpacho – $2.50 per portion (one cup portion) (parve)
    Spinach Dip, Carrot Dip or Pesto: $7 for small, $12 for large (parve)
    Spinach or Broccoli (and Red Peppers) Three Cheese Quiche $25 (10 inch circle)* – can be parve
    Salmon and Onion Quiche $30 (10 inch circle)* -can be parve
    Vegetarian Burritos: filled with rice, beans,onions and peppers $8 per portion (parve)
    Homemade ravioli! (so exciting) : can be parve
    World Famous Vegetable Lasagna (incl. Spinach, Carrots, Zucchini, Onions) 9 x 13 tray -$30 (dairy)
    Stuffed Acorn Squash (with celery, onions, challah and spices) $4 each (parve)
    Quinua stuffed Peppers – $4 each (parve)
    Reeses Peanut Butter Cup Cheese Cake $30 (dairy)
    Grilled Boneless Chicken on a skewer with homemade gazpacho and guacamole: appetizers – 2 pieces each- $2
    Chicken roulade (stuffed with spinach and sundried tomatoes and white wine) $9
    Granny’s Brisket ($15 a portion)
    Herbed Roasted Chicken $7.50 a portion
    For orders over $75 and in the eruv, there is free delivery.  For orders under $75 there is a $5 delivery charge or you can pick up. 
    If anyone would like to send me ideas on specials – we would very much like to hear from you, send us an email or post a message on the website.
    Please keep us in mind if you are having a wedding, conference, dinner party, sheva brachos, vorts, etc during the week – we would very much appreciate the opportunity to put together some delicious food for your special occasions.
    Feel free to forward this to a friend; if you have any friends who want to sign up for our email, let me know and we’ll sign them up.