Sukkot Menu

Want to make your yom tov preparations easier?  Order from us – please find our menu below.

Sukkot menu:

Deadline to order is October 1, 2014. To make your order please call 410.358.6646 or email [email protected].
Almost all items on this menu freeze beautifully (not the dips, trifle, or rice).  The Ethiopian stews are *amazing* – they are flavorful and delicious.  Though they have a lot of spices in them, they are not *hot* spicy.


  • Spinach Dip
  • Cilantro Pesto Dip
  • Carrot Ginger Dip
  • Roasted Red Pepper Dip

The dips are not only delicious but versatile.  They can be used with challah, on top of spaghetti, as a base for salad dressings (and some people even eat them straight!). Dips $4 for 1 cup size and $7 for 2 cup size:

  • Tri-Colored Gefilte Fish: $35
  • Ethiopian Pumpkin Soup: $7.50 for 4 cups

Main Courses

  • Chicken stuffed with pastrami: $10 per serving (1/4 of a chicken)
  • Roasted Chicken (herbed or honey fruit) – $10 per portion (1/4 of a chicken)
  • Ethiopian Chicken Stew $10 per portion
  • Roasted Salami (with apricot and mustard sauce): $50
  • Granny Harriet’s Brisket (tangy, and yummy) $15

Side Dishes

  • Ethiopian Squash Stew: $20 for 4
  • Ethiopian Teff Crepe: $2 each
  • Ethiopian Cabbage Stew: $20 (serves 4)
  • Ethiopian Red Lentil Stew: $20 (serves 4)
  • Pumpkin Kugel: $20 for 9×13
  • Apple Kugel:  $20 for a 10 inch tin
  • Basmati Rice $15 (feeds 4)


  • Lemon Bars $15 for a 9×13 tray
  • Chocolate Decadence Cake – $30 for a 10 inch circle tin
  • Peanut Butter Truffle Brownie $15 for 9 inch circle tin
  • Apple Honey Cake Trifle $65 (in a trifle bowl with layers of cake, cream, almonds and honey)

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