Mexican Pop Up Restaurant

01 Jan 2014 no comments Bracha Shor Categories Menus

Please find our menu below.  We only will take cash or check. Reservations are required and obligatory (if you cannot make it you have until 1 hour before your RSVP to cancel).  Main courses must be pre-ordered.  (and if you already know everything you want to order, let us know).

  • Salsa and Guacamole and chips – $6
  • Ceviche (an amazingly refreshing fish dish – it has fresh lemon juice, white fish, corn and red peppers) $6 per portion
  • Gazpacho (authentic pureed cold soup – another refreshing dish – filled with fresh vegetables and spices) $5 per portion
  • Chicken Burritos (filled with chicken, beans, rice, and a fun sauce)- $12
  • Vegetarian Burritos (beans, rice, sauteed onions and peppers and a fun sauce) – $10
  • Chicken with Mole Sauce – Mole sauce is a rich and deep sauce with cocoa and a few different chile peppers, among many other ingredients, it is a classic Mexican dish (it is savory, and the cocoa is used as a spice – and cocoa, as you may already know is a flavor enhancer) – $18 – **must pre-order**
  • Beef fajitas (strips of beef with rice, beans, sauteed onions and peppers – a filling dish)- $22 – **must pre-order**
  • Beef Tacos (ground beef, shredded lettuce, “sour cream”, guacamole, tomatoes and sauce) – $16
  • Taco Salad – salad with salsa dressing served in a crispy tortilla bowl: $6
  • Mexican Cauliflower: $5 per portion
  • Refried Beans – $5 per portion
  • Red Rice – $5 per portion
  • Chocolate Mousse for dessert: $6 (this is pictured)

Soda is a $1 each

Fun Drink: $3 – Sweet and Good Catering fun drink

Children’s menu