Japanese Special, January 20, 2011

Hello – I hope everyone is doing well.  We are going to do something fun with our immensely popular lemon bars.  If you order our Lemon Bars this week (a 9×13 tray is $15) the entire $15 will be donated to Menucha, Inc.  A wonderful organization that supports Jewish children with disabilities (www.menuchainc.org).
Please find our special for Shabbos below.  Please order the Shabbos special as soon as you know, preferably by noon on Wednesday.  We’ll try to accommodate orders after that, but no guarantee.

Don’t forget: you can order sushi from Tuesday to Shabbos – $6 a roll.  

$15 per person Japanese Special:

  • Salmon Onigiri
  • Ginger Fried Soybeans


  • Kenchin-jiru (It’s a Japanese vegetable soup – it’s yummy)


  • Sushi (for $6 a roll, tuna is $8)

Main Course:

  • Ginger Simmered Chicken

Sides (you can pick 2):

  • Salad with Ginger Dressing
  • Steamed Rice
  • Carrot, Taro root, Potato and lotus root

Dessert:Lemon Bars – $15 a tray and the whole $15 goes to Menucha, Inc. (If you are ordering the lemon bars only and can’t pick them up – let us know – we’ll waive the delivery fee if we can).

For orders over $75 and in the eruv, there is free delivery.  For orders under $75 there is a $5 delivery charge or you can pick up.


If anyone would like to send me ideas on specials – we would very much like to hear from you, send us an email or post a message on the website.

Please keep us in mind if you are having a dinner party, sheva brachos, vorts, etc during the week – we would very much appreciate the opportunity to put together some delicious food for your special occasions.

Feel free to forward this to a friend; if you have any friends who want to sign up for our email, let me know and we’ll sign them up.


  1. laura brooks, April 8, 2013 at 4:02 pm Enjoyed a great lunch with my frneid 2 weeks ago. Am moving to Crystal River and will make Havana House Grill a regular. Service was great too.

  2. thank you leah! i am so excited to get my YALDAH mazgaine every month, and i read it over and over again. i just cant put it down. i read every part. its amazing to have a jewish mazgaine for my age to read. 11/10/2012 | 8:13 PM

  3. I live in a family of seven kids My three older sietrss and two younger sietrss, and one brother. Plus, our cats and kittens. And the baby who comes over five days a week. 02/08/2013 | 9:50 PM

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