Indian Special, Sushi November 5, 2010

We have gotten a very positive response from our sushi, and we had a few requests for weeknight sushi, so we’re going to try fresh sushi for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night this week and see how it goes.  You can get sushi delivered or picked up.  We make all kinds – with raw fish, sashimi, with veggies, tofu, inside out, california roll, and specialty rolls – whatever you would like.  There are 8 pieces to the normal roll ($6 per roll).

As a customer appreciation campaign – if you recommend us for an event we end up doing – you will receive dinner for 4.

Homemade Pop tarts trial:

My husband has been wanting to try pop tarts for years, and I finally did a web search and came up with a recipe.  If anyone would like to join me in the virtual sense, the recipe is on our website blog – and I would love if you make it (even with different fillings) to share your information on the website.  This is the start of our “cooking club”.  The blog is below:

Indian Special – back by popular demand.

For $15 a person:


  • Samosas- an Indian puff pastry and the only thing that has gluten – if you want gluten free, we’re going to experiment with some alternative “flours” this week.

Fish Course (for an additional $8):

  • Curried Salmon


  • Daal

Main Course:

  • Indian Dry Rub Roasted Chicken
  • Punjabi Fenugreek Chicken (this is a curry with fenugreek and other Indian spices)
  • Citrus Glazed Lamb (this has ginger, orange, pineapple and lemon as well as Indian spices) – this will be extra, I will confirm the price, if you are interested

Side Dishes (you can pick 2):

  • Curried Corn and Potatoes
  • Spicy Pureed Spinach Greens
  • Cilantro Garlic Basmati Rice with Peas


  • Extra Samosas for $2 each


  • Cupcakes $2

Keep us in mind to cater your holiday party or for Thanksgiving – (it will include stuffed acorn squash, butternut squash soup, Grammy Margaret’s homemade cranberry sauce, Aunt Mary Jane’s Pineapple souffle, pumpkin pie, Aunt Bellanne’s pecan pie and turkey, and of course mashed potatoes)

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