Ethiopian Special, March 9, 2012

We are doing our second fundraiser next week – this time for Ohr Chadash.  Buy a tray of smores (for $15) and support a local school!  We’ll also be sending out our Pesach menu next week – if you want something particular, let me know so I can put it on the menu.  Is a friend of yours getting married?  We’ve done 2 weddings so far to *rave* reviews.  Give us a chance to help add to your simcha – we’d love to cater the event.
Please order the Shabbos special as soon as you know, preferably by noon on Wednesday.  We’ll try to accommodate orders after that, but no guarantee.  If you want the menu a la carte – just ask, we can do that for you (we’re also going to be doing “normal” shabbos food this week – let me know if you’re interested).
Ethiopian is a communal stew based cuisine.  The primary spice is berbere (which is a spice blend with paprika serving as the main ingredient – cumin, cloves, cardamom, coriander, nutmeg, salt and pepper, garlic and onions being the main ingredients).  The “bread” is injera which is a sourdough crepe made with teff flour (a grain found in Ethiopia filled with protein) and white flour (Teff flour is a little exotic for most Westerners and needs to be “tempered” with the white flour).  They use the injera as a utensil to pick up the food that is all placed on a tray in the middle of the table and then everyone shares.
$15 per person Ethiopian Special:

  • Cilantro pesto (we have people who buy this by the pound)


  • Ethiopian Pumpkin Soup


  • Sushi ($6 a roll – they don’t have so much water in Ethiopia – fish isn’t a big thing there….)

Main Course:

  • Doro Wat (Chicken Stew)
  • Minchet Abash (Ground meat stew -additional $4 a serving), 

Sides (you can pick 2):

  • Kik Wot (Red Lentil Stew),
  • Duba Wat (Squash Stew),
  • Tikil Goman (cabbage, carrots, onions and tomato stew)
  • Spicy Salad 
  • Injera (Sourdough Crepe like bread) – everyone gets this with their order.


  • Lemon Meringue Pie – $12 (or individual meringue pies for $5 each)
    For orders over $75 and in the eruv, there is free delivery.  For orders under $75 there is a $5 delivery charge or you can pick up. 
    If anyone would like to send me ideas on specials – we would very much like to hear from you, send us an email or post a message on the website.
    Please keep us in mind if you are having a wedding, dinner party, sheva brachos, vorts, etc during the week – we would very much appreciate the opportunity to put together some delicious food for your special occasions.
    Feel free to forward this to a friend; if you have any friends who want to sign up for our email, let me know and we’ll sign them up.

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