[menu_type title=”Wedding” image=”” link=”” link_text=”View Menu”]Your wedding day will be special – we want to help make it more enjoyable and fun for you.[/menu_type]

[menu_type title=”Bar/Bat Mitzvah” image=”” link=”” link_text=”View Menu”]Bar and Bat Mitzvah celebrations are fun and lively. Let us help bring yours to life.[/menu_type]

[menu_type title=”Take Out” image=”” link=”” link_text=”View Menu”]We’ve got all kinds of great take-out options, with Italian or Mexian night as our defaults! Need a break for Shabbos? Order take out – and have a relaxing and delicious Shabbos picked up or delivered to you. [/menu_type]

[menu_type title=”Themed” image=”” link=”” link_text=”Contact Us”]Enjoy one of our special themed parties or for Shabbat. Our international cuisine includes Thai, Cajun, Ethiopian, Japanese, Chinese, Moroccan and more! Looking for a little spice? You’ve come to the right place.[/menu_type]

[menu_type title=”Dairy” image=”” link=”” link_text=”View Menu”]Looking for a feast for your meal? We can do an amazing dairy extravaganza, with soups and salads, eggs and sandwiches, fish or cheese, you’re sure not to go hungry![/menu_type]

[menu_type title=”Corporate” image=”” link=”” link_text=”Contact Us”]Your corporate event whether a holiday party, a fundraiser or a convention – will be seamlessly handled by our staff to let you focus on the business at hand.[/menu_type]