Cyclops or Egg in a hole

Friday we had to make some lunch, and no one knew what they wanted – we tried many options.  However, sometimes we need something special and fun (and preferably easy).  From our trip to the library we got a Children’s quick and easy cookbook – which has lots of recipes of things I used to eat as a child.  And I remembered fondly my brother and I making our own Cyclops when we needed an afternoon snack.  So, continuing a Markizon tradition – we did the “Cyclops” or the “Egg in a hole”.


  • A teaspoon or so of Butter, Margarine or a spray of cooking spray
  • Bread (the same number of pieces of bread as number of eggs)
  • Egg

Take a saute pan or a frying pan and put the butter, margarine or cooking spray in and heat up.  Then take the bread and remove a circle from the middle.  If you have a circle cookie cutter (or any fun cookie cutters, like a heart, a bunny, etc) you could use it, or you could eyeball the circle and just take it out with your hand.  Put the hole-y bread in the heated pan.  Crack the egg and carefully (slowly) pour the egg into the center of the bread (in the hole). Cook on a low to medium heat.  You are trying to cook the egg without browning it too much on the bottom.  Then, if you want to make a “cyclops” you will cook the egg until the desired doneness and then with a spatula remove the bread and egg and voila – you have your cyclops (the yolk is the “eye”).  If you want it more cooked and want the “egg in the whole” then just flip the bread over and cook for a little longer.

This meal was a big hit with all parties in the family.  Yaakov, Nava and Abba all ate several pieces of toast.  You can add cheese to this, if you like, and seasonings – salt and pepper (I try not to season the food for the children, because they don’t miss it and why add salt to their diet – when they are getting plenty of sodium from lots of places as it is).  Enjoy!

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