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Rosh Hashannah Simanim Platter 2015

Keep us in mind for our Rosh Hashannah simanim platter – we’ve sold out for the last 4 years!  Order deadline is September 3, 2015.  We’re under the Star-k. Please keep us in mind for your events – we cater weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, business dinners and lunches, etc. To order either call: 410.358.6646 or send […]

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Bar Mitzvah Party

Here are some photos from Eli Taragin from our latest Bar Mitzvah Party – thank you so much for including us in your simcha. And the fun salmon with honey mustard and taro chips on top! And then an absolutely, no kidding around amazing broccoli kugel (quiche). Dairy stuffed shells? Why yes, I will be […]

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Ohr Chadash’s VIP reception

Please find some of the pictures from Ohr Chadash’s VIP reception catered by O’Fishel Catering with guest chef Bracha Shor.  The figs were my favorite from the event, though our famous couscous salad was there (with the 7 species!) and our chicken satay. figs ohr chadash


Shavuos 2015

Shavuos orders are closed! Thank you so much, please think of us next time. Want to make your yom tov preparations easier?  Order from us – please find our menu below. Shavuos menu: Deadline to order is May 19, 2015. To make your order please call 410.358.6646 or email [email protected]. As always keep us in […]

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March 15, 2015 Pop UP

Our Next Pop Up will be Sunday March 15, 2015!  And as a reminder we’re under the Star-k!  We’ll post more information soon – or you can email [email protected] for more information.  We’ve sold out of the 3 previous pop-ups, so make your reservation early. Please join us!  RSVP early, as soon as the smaller […]

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TA Tea

As a reminder – we’re under Star-K and we just spent a fantastic evening at the TA Ladies Tea – it was gorgeous.  We demonstrated watermelon cubes, stuffed mini potatoes and piped toffuti (sweet and savory).  Pictures soon to follow.

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Bar and Bas Mitzvahs

Thank you so much for sharing your simchas with us.  We have been doing a number of bar and bas mitzvahs.  We just did a bar mitzvah this week – with Mulligatawny soup – it’s a red lentil based with bold flavors – and was simply amazing.  We did a bas mitzvah with everything mini! […]


Thanksgiving 2014

We will be catering Thanksgiving again this year!  The menu is subject to change.  Orders must be made by Sunday before Thanksgiving.  Pick up will be on Wednesday. Thanksgiving Menu (please order as soon as you know and by Sunday the 24th at noon – delivery and pickup will be on Wednesday before Thanksgiving): Whole Turkey with […]


Pre/Post YK Meal

Yom Kippur Pre-Post Fast: B”H we have sold out of our simanim platters very quickly this year.  Please look to Sweet and Good Catering for your future Yom tov and catering needs. Pre-Post YK deadline is Sunday, September 28, 2014.  To order either call: 410.358.6646 or send an email: [email protected]. Cheese Lasagna with onions, spinach, […]