Month: January 2015

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March 15, 2015 Pop UP

Our Next Pop Up will be Sunday March 15, 2015!  And as a reminder we’re under the Star-k!  We’ll post more information soon – or you can email [email protected] for more information.  We’ve sold out of the 3 previous pop-ups, so make your reservation early. Please join us!  RSVP early, as soon as the smaller […]

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TA Tea

As a reminder – we’re under Star-K and we just spent a fantastic evening at the TA Ladies Tea – it was gorgeous.  We demonstrated watermelon cubes, stuffed mini potatoes and piped toffuti (sweet and savory).  Pictures soon to follow.

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Bar and Bas Mitzvahs

Thank you so much for sharing your simchas with us.  We have been doing a number of bar and bas mitzvahs.  We just did a bar mitzvah this week – with Mulligatawny soup – it’s a red lentil based with bold flavors – and was simply amazing.  We did a bas mitzvah with everything mini! […]