Month: November 2011


Japanese Special

Hello!  This week’s special is Japanese! $15 per person Special: Please order as soon as you know and if you can by Wednesday at noon. Appetizer: Onigiri (baked rice balls, a very popular snack in Japan with almonds and soy sauce, slightly sweet) Fish (an additional $6 per roll): Sushi! (mock crab, salmon, avocado, tofu, egg, […]



“Tadig” you say – you’ve never heard of it?  I hadn’t either until I met some adventuresome Israelis. You can spell it tahdig, tah-dig, or tadeeg.  But what it means is YUM.  Although if you want to get technical “tah” in Persian means under and “deeg” means pot.  Tadig refers to the process of making […]


November 18, 2011, Thanksgiving….

We’ll have our Hot Wing Wednesday this week – $7 for a dozen, $12 for 2 dozen.  And we still have fresh sushi for $6 a roll on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or for Shabbos. This week Executive Chef Bracha Shor is celebrating her birthday (HOORAY!) — you’ll get two truffles if you order; if you […]


November 11, 2011

The Pumpkin Challah was a big hit and one of our clients had requested we make it with “streudel” topping – so I made a flour/sugar/oil mixture and it was fun to have it on top. And I liked it even better (but I like dessert-y like things).  If you didn’t get the recipe – […]