Month: December 2010


Week of December 27th

Hello – I hope everyone will have a good 2011!  Due to having a few events this week and next week, we will not be having weekly specials.  We hope to resume the special on January 15th.  We will still be having sushi for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for both weeks.   $6  a roll. Our virtual […]

Cooking Group

Cooking Group: Task 3 Sable Cookies

Sable cookies are a delicious simple cookie.  Ours are going to be made with margarine – but you can make them with butter and still have a very outstanding delicious treat.  Our camera is still broken – so the below picture is from Soup Addict. Sable Cookies Adapted from Boulangerie Poilane by Dorie Greenspan Ingredients: […]


December 24th, 2010 Dipping Sauce Special

Hello! Nava’s 3rd birthday is this week. Cupcakes for every portion ordered, hooray! Our Lighter Side of French Cooking class went very well, next Monday (the 27th) we’re going to have the “make up” class for those who couldn’t make it – let me know if you are interested. As usual, we will continue having […]

Sweet and Good Torah


Shalom, welcome back. In this parshah Ya’akov Aveinu (Jacob) passes away at the age of one hundred forty-seven. There is a concept in Torah called ma’aseh avot siman banim (the actions of the fathers is a sign for the children). Meaning whatever Avraham (Abraham), Yitzhak (Isaac) and Ya’akov did, is repeated in Jewish History. So […]

Sweet and Good Torah


The miracle of Chanukah came during an ideological war between the Greek Empire and the Jewish people.  The Greeks believed only in the physical world, defined by logic and reason.  They worshipped the human being as the center of the universe.  The highest wisdom, they felt, was the human intellect, human rights are the highest morality. […]


French Special December 17th, 2010

Hello – last week’s bar miztvah went very well. We (B”H) got rave reviews. This week we are teaching a class on Thursday night regarding the lighter side of French cooking – so that will be our special. There are a limited number of seats left in the class – if you are interested, let […]