Month: November 2010


Chanukah Special for December 3, 2010

Hello everyone, I hope you had a good Thanksgiving and will have a very happy Chanukah.  Yaakov David turned one – and ate a lot of sushi (Nava was willing to pinch hit for him and eat his cupcakes). This week we will have a Chanukah special, sushi for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Shabbos (at […]

Sweet and Good Torah


Shalom, welcome back.  This week we see the greatness of Yosaif (Joseph).  The secret of his greatness is that through all his yisurim (suffering, trials), Yosaif remains connected to Hashem.  He doesn’t fall into self pity or depression, and this allows him to be a tzadik (righteous) in all his tests.  Not only does he […]

Sweet and Good Torah


Shalom, welcome back.  This week’s parshah is the confrontation between good and evil.  Yakov (Jacob) is the embodiment of emet (truth) and tiferet (beauty or splendor).  He is confronted by his twin brother Eisav, coming with 400 warriors to kill him.  Yakov is returning from exile to Eretz Yisrael (Land of Israel).  He left a […]


Birthday Special November 19, 2010

We’ll have our Hot Wing Wednesday this week – $7 for a dozen, $12 for 2 dozen. And we’ll still have fresh sushi for $6 a roll on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or for Shabbos. This week Executive Chef Bracha Shor is celebrating her birthday (HOORAY!) a free cupcake with each portion ordered. If you would […]

Cooking Group

Pop Tarts, continued

Sorry to take so long to post – we are having trouble with our verizon internet and phone.  They were able to fix the phone, but I guess the internet was trickier.  So we have intermittent service at the moment. The pop tart experiment has thus far gone great. They were gobbled up; luckily we’re […]