Month: July 2010


No cook wraps and Smoothies

First of all, tortillas are from Aztecs – who knew.  The Spanish conquistadors (in 1519) changed their name to tortilla (from the Nahuatil tlaxcalli) – apparently from the word torta and meaning “small cake”.   Also, in an interesting side note – the reason tortillas have lemon (besides being tasty – I thought that was […]


Brisket Special

Please order by Wednesday at noon – or as soon as you know. For $17 a person you get: Dual Colored Soup (Red Lentil and Green Split Pea) Slow roasted brisket in a teriyaki sauce Garlic Mashed Potatoes (homemade) Carrot Souffle For an additional $5: Poached Salmon with a Dill sauce & Daikon and Jerusalem […]


Cajun Special

This week (July 8/9th) we will have a Cajun special.  There will be: Appetizer: Jalapeno Popper (a jalapeno pepper stuffed with peanut butter, if  you have never tried this, it is delicious, though different – the peanut butter helps mitigate the heat). You are supposed to eat the whole pepper at once, so that the […]