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Kosher Catering in Baltimore

9 Days Special


4 Dish Special!

Chana Masala (chick pea and tomato Indian dish) – $25 (includes basmati rice – feeds 4)

Thai Tofu (tofu, sweet potatoes, regular potatoes, carrots, onions, peanut sauce – spicy on request with basmati rice and feeds 4) – $25

Lasagna – $30 (spinach, cheese, yumminess)

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Rosh Hashannah Simanim Platter 2015


Keep us in mind for our Rosh Hashannah simanim platter – we’ve sold out for the last 2 years!

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Bar Mitzvah Party


Here are some photos from Eli Taragin from our latest Bar Mitzvah Party – thank you so much for including us in your simcha.

And the fun salmon with honey mustard and taro chips on top!

And then an absolutely, no kidding around amazing broccoli kugel (quiche).

Dairy stuffed shells? Why yes, I will be taking a second helping….

Bar and Bas Mitzvahs


Thank you so much for sharing your simchas with us.  We have been doing a number of bar and bas mitzvahs.  We just did a bar mitzvah this week – with Mulligatawny soup – it’s a red lentil based with bold flavors – and was simply amazing.  We did a bas mitzvah with everything mini! Mini Pies, Mini Mousse, Mini cakes, mini quinoa salad, mini couscous salad and more!  Please seee the picture….

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Taste of Menucha


The Taste of Menucha went amazingly well!  Thank you to all of the volunteers, and sponsors who helped.  We will be posting pictures shortly.

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Wedding pictures


Leba D. Photography does amazing work!  Here are some pictures from one of our weddings:

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Sweet and Good Catering is a full service caterer – we will be pleased to help you come up with a menu for your next event!  We’re under the Star-k and our focus is on delicious, gorgeously presented food.

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New Pictures!


Leba Dinovitz took some stellar pictures.  She was amazing, as was Tzivi D. – the food stylist…. first picture being the delicious delectable chocolate mousse in a chocolate cup.

Our Indian Samosa – (Leba D. Photo) always a fan favorite appetizer.

7 Spiced Seared Tuna -(Leba D. photo)  another fantastic appetizer – normally served with a dot of wasabi cream.

Always a good time for sushi (Leba D. photo)

One of our signature dishes – the zucchini weave with cous cous inside (although sometimes it’s rice, quinua or stuffing – photo by Leba D).

Customer Reviews


Sweet and Good Catering not only catered our wedding, they’ve catered intimate dinner parties in our home as well. Their menu is to die for, a varied and savory mix of ethnic temptations. Every bite is literally saturated with taste, bursting with a new flavor surprise for your palette. The originality and quality of the food offerings is paralleled only by their presentation. Bracha, company owner, is a gourmet genius. I’ve never witnessed such a combination of loving preparation, professionalism, and attention to detail. Until Sweet and Good Catering, it was impossible, to find local catered food that is on par with the quality and ethnic variety of that available in Los Angeles or New York. I love that I can order Cajun, French, Mexican or Moroccan-themed meals, to name a few, and that the food arrives elegantly packaged and easy to serve. Plus, it’s startling how affordable the prices are, exactly the same, or less, than what I’d be paying for bland, traditional take-out.

You MUST try the homemade pesto – it’s the best I’ve ever tasted – and the samosas with chutney. And there aren’t any words to describe the avocado and apple salad, it’s an entirely new level of sensory experience.

-Shani D.